Some of the highest calibre fish in the country.

I’m Capt. Glenn Flowers, owner, and operator of Flathead Catfish Hunters llc and president of C.A.T.S., llc (Cathunters Association Of The South) the souths first catfish club. For years I’ve been on the hunt for trophy catfish on all of Florida’s Rivers and its neighboring states waterways. Today, our organizations are reaching millions of anglers each week, we specialize in taking trophy catfish in the south.
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Florida, a catfish destination. 
My home State.

Florida has been known for its trophy bass and saltwater fishery for years, today I’m putting Florida on the map as a catfish destination for the whole family. Catfish started showing up in Florida in 1982, which just so happens to be the year I was born. I guess you could say I was born to do this. From tournaments, to guides, catfish clubs, articles, radio and TV, its got something to do with catfish I’ll be there. With more hours’ in research and experience than one could image not only will you get a great trip but will walk away with a better sense of what catfishing is all about. 
No matter where you are and who you are,  I’ll make sure to work with you on creating the perfect trip. From rivers to lakes I can do it all. I also do onboard hire for captains. If you have your own boat and fish a certain body of water yet have no idea where to start and need some advice, call me. I’ll make sure that with one trip, you will have the knowledge to go back out on the water to get the job done. I’ll show you what you need to do to rig your boat and where you need to take it, saving you thousands in trial an error.
I started my professional catfish quest over a decade ago.  From rivers to lakes each has their own challenges.  My nights are spent staying up late researching and reading PDF files from government studies about catfish and their biology. While taking what I learned back to the water through trial and error I learned the tactics its takes to consistently land trophy fish no matter where I fish.  My name is known from coast to coast as one of the top professors in the field of catfish science. Just being aboard my boat and fishing alongside me will fast track you to being the very best catfish anger one could be.
  1. Channel Catfish
    Florida is home to some of the best channel catfishing in the county, with a state record of 44.50lbs it rivals the best of the best of any state and waterway. While it gets little attention, channel catfishing in Florida is something to think about.
  2. Flathead Catfish
    Florida is home to some of the best flathead catfish in North America. Many trips yield 25-40 fish nights with upwards of 400-pound trips. While the state record Is not as significant as other states at only 63.8lbs, many fish much larger are caught each year on set lines. The state record only counts for Rod & Reel, come on down, let's take that record down.
  3. Blue Catfish
    The Florida blue catfish populations are rising faster than bamboo plant on miracle grow. With catches surpassing 80lbs on bush hooks, the possibilities are endless. Blue cats, by far are the easiest large freshwater predator to catch in Florida. With fish averaging 10-20lb and big fish surpassing 50, trophies are always a possibility. As of today, the state record stands at 69.50 lbs, by my predictions this won't stand for long.