About your captain

I'm Capt. Glenn Flowers, owner, and operator of Flathead Catfish Hunters, LLC. The largest Flathead Catfish network in the world, reaching 10s of millions of people annually. www.flatheads.us

I'm a Licensed & insured United States Coast Guard Captain, I run a fishing guide service out of Florida (850-208-4667). www.cathunters.net
I'm a G3 certified guide, I fish from 
a 2018, G3 Sportsman 200. Backed and sponsored by St.Croix Rods & Team Catfish, I always have the appropriate tackle to get the job done.

I've been called a social media guru by many. I run many fan pages and groups, some reaching millions weekly. From America to China our messages get around the world on a global scale.

I'm a master of web work, I build and maintain dozens of websites that have built the foundation of our infrastructure today.

I've been featured on TV, in countless magazines and radio shows. I've written articles for some of the largest outdoor magazines in America.

I'm President of a catfish club. Cathunters Association Of The South (C.A.T.S.) is growing at a very rapid pace and continues to help build our catfish community www.catsclub.us