For anglers who want more

Come camping with us for multiple days as we go on the hunt for Florida River adventures.

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  1. Camping
    River Side Camping
    Campsites are located along the river, they are not developed sites that are accessed by the public. We take a boat to the entire camp down the river . We provide all equipment needed for a world class camp including tents, heavy duty sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tables, chairs, tarps, toilets, grills, lanterns, coolers, etc.
  2. Food
    Steaks, Ribs, Fried fish, grilled fish and lamb
    Dinners include appetizers, fresh salads, tasty sides and main entrees such as grilled catfish, fried bluegills, rib eye steaks and rack of lamb or ribs . A generous bar is set up each evening for your enjoyment. Hot breakfasts include French toast, omelets and more.
  3. Fishing
    Fishing Capital Of The World
    Florida is the fishing capital of the world. While trophy catfish will be our targeted species, the rivers we will fish also have a variety of other game. Bass, bluegills, crappie, redfish and more.
  4. Includes
    We supply it all
    What is included? Everything but your fishing license. We'll take care of flies, camping gear, food, and even fishing rods. We can also help arrange hotel rooms for your arrival and departure nights as part of a package.
  5. Guides
    Glenn Flowers
    Glenn Flowers is a specialists at his craft and is just as proficient at cooking as he is at selecting the right river to fish. You will be amazed at the level of comfort and the quality of the dining that you will experience.
  6. When to Come
    When to fish Florida's Rivers? We target the Rivers at periods of warmer weather. The typical River season is March- October Often late September and October can provide great fishing

Choose your expedition 

  1. 2 day/2 nights
    1-2 Anglers $1200
    3-4 Anglers $2000
  2. 3 day/3 nights
    1-2 Anglers $1700
    3-4 Anglers $2,200
  3. 4 days/ 4 nights
    1-2 Anglers $2500
    3-4 Anglers $4,600
  4. 5 days/ 5 nights
    1-2 Anglers $3000
    3- Anglers $5,500
  5. 6 days/ 6 nights
    1-2 Anglers $4000
    2-3 days $7,600

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After dinner, loading the boat and getting cleaned up we will then be back on the hunt, as the sun sets once again our goal will be trophy flatheads. For some, this is the most thrilling outdoor adventure they will ever embark on. Catfish after catfish will be caught over the next few days as we fish through the night and days.
Base camp will begin to fill like home, as we set off time and time again. The knowledge gained on these long trips is virtually priceless. With years of educated experience, the entire trip is a learning lesson that you will carry through life never forgetting.
So if you feel as if you have done everything else well think again, few anglers have ever been on such an adventure as what we have to offer on these 2 and 3-day excursions.
Sit down with the wife or friends, discuss this option as if you were thinking of a trip to the Amazon River for a week. Give us a call and let’s go catfishing.

For some people a few hours on the river is just not enough. For this we have you covered. We are the only catfish guide in the United States that offers full catfishing excursions.
These trips aren’t for people not comfortable with the outdoors, there will be almost round the clock fishing, bugs, weather and anything else that mother nature can throw at us.
The idea of a catfishing excursion is to get away from the fast pace life of the everyday hustle and bustle. To reach out into Mother Nature and get the full experience.
Day one of our excursion will begin somewhere along a secluded river bank at our base camp where we will go over the plan for the next few days. All camping gear is provided by us and constructed before you arrive. 
After we have our game plan we will then start the first night of our catfishing adventure. For the next 8-10 hours, we will be embarking on a great hunt searching for trophy flathead catfish returning to base camp in the am for rest.
The second part of day 1 will be waking up camp side to breakfast and coffee before loading back up and heading out on the river in search of blue cats, channel cats, and flatheads throughout the day. For the next 8-10 hours, we will explore many miles of river in search of trophy cats. Once our day is done we will return to camp before dusk to regroup and have dinner before our next adventure.

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