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About your captain 

I'm Capt. Glenn Flowers, owner, and operator of Flathead Catfish Hunters, LLC. The largest Flathead Catfish network in the world, reaching 10s of millions of people annually.

I'm a Licensed & insured United States Coast Guard Captain, I run a fishing guide service out of Pensacola, Florida (850-208-4667). www.cathunters.net
I'm a G3 certified guide, I fish from 
a 2018 G3 Sportsman 200. 

I specialize in targeting big fish inside Pensacola Bay without ever needing to go out into the Gulf Of Mexico. From giant shallow water snapper to monster bull reds, you are guaranteed to have your line stretched time and time again. 

I also specialize in targeting giant catfish in our local rivers.  Florida is not known for its catfish but I'm here to change that. 

I've been featured on TV, in countless magazine and radio shows. I've written articles for some of the largest outdoor magazines in America. I've been fishing for a living since 2005. I want to share my experiences and knowledge with you, to help you become a better angler while making memories that will last a lifetime.

If catching fish is something you want to do on your vacation, send me a text 850-208-4667, we can get a trip set up that matches your schedule and preferences.